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A lot of awesome things happened today besides the start of Inktober! First, OCTOBER! So halloween everything will now commence in full swing (even though I started celebrating about a week ago). Second, today was Sloth day at PNCA! There was popcorn, materials to draw your own sloth, and the actual sloth mascot! I took a selfie with him. While I did so, I made an awkward face and got him to snicker. I am a true winner.
And thirdly, I submitted an illustration for review at a magazine, and I’m crossing my fingers that it gets the cover! If I’m confirmed for the cover, I’ll share it in November when it’s published. If it’s rejected, you’ll see it even sooner- so I guess for you, my dear followers, you’ll see it no matter what. win win. lol…


Happy Inktober everyone!!! It’s finally here!!!

I had to do a lot of ink in class today, so I got an extra jump start for the rest of the month! ;)


I almost posted process picks of a piece or art I’m doing for an article, but then I realized I can’t! Whoops, close save! D: I probably won’t be able to share it for a while… but know that I feel excited about it and I like how it’s turning out! :D I can’t wait to show you all!

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oh my goodness your stuff is amazing! I... I'm honoured you're following me gah, I saw some of it on homeroom and wanted to comment but wasn't sure what to say then, but KNOW THAT YOU ARE AN AMAZING ARTIST and you seem like a really cool person in case you didn't know that for whatever reason. (guh almost all the amazing pnca artists on tumblr seem to be illustration majors)

Asked by boldly-we-go

Hi!! :) Holy smokes, thank you so much! I wanted to thank you and say hey in person (I saw you in the little room with the vending machines at school), but I got too nervous! You seem super rad too! What major are you???
Also, your art is wicked cool! Your drawings of Sherlock are KILLING ME DEAD WITH AWESOME~

I’ll try not to be shy next time I see you and properly introduce myself!

In response to the lovely message I received from #sufnlower over on my inspiration blog, I decided to draw myself as Cruella de Vil! While I have decided to be a Death’s Head Moth this year for Halloween, it was super fun to see what my take would be on this classic Villain! Thank you so much for the message! It really sparked my creative juices!
Also, some of my visual inspirations for the outfits can be found here:
Dress, Pants/Tunic, Fur

This is also the first time I’ve really used the digital brushes I created. They’re so fun!!! I feel like my digital art is finally “mine” and has “my look”. So exciting!!! :3

Starting a master copy for class.

EDIT: I’ll upload a nice scanned version when I’ve gotten some sleep.

Acrylic, Ink, Conte on Bristol Paper.

"A Horse Is Not A Home" or, "Home". Final painting for project 1 in Vis Tech. After 8 hours… finally. Done.

"Pretty Little Eleanor"

My rubber little lady, this time in Gouache! Still life for class.

My studio is official!!! All set up and rockin and rollin!

Painting my baby Eleanor as a pretty proper lady.

A quick doodle to test out my new brushes! It’ll take some getting used to… but I’m really excited to sketch more digitally. :)

I really really really like taking pictures of the buildings out my window at sunset and sunrise.

Concept Illustration for an old high school friend of mine, Justus Page, over at BluAvenueFilms. They’re for a Prussian/Spaghetti Western/Steampunk/Post Apocalyptic Film that he wants to make. :)

Late night painting. Sleep is for the weeeeeeak.

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