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I didn’t go to bed because I did one of those random draw-a-thing things. It generated a random color palette and pose, and I did the rest. I did palette #21 and pose 8H. You can see the generator HERE. I may have to do it again. (I made some modifications to the color palette i.e. added colors.)

Photoshop. About 4.5 hours.

Self portrait that somehow turned into a weird statement about my connection (or severe lack there of) to my native american heritage.
It was just supposed to be a timber timbre reference… oh well? I don’t know how to feel about it now. I can’t unsee…

Ink and digital

Somebody appreciated my Frida Kahlo socks. :3 aw!

I’m going to be testing out drawing on a live stream! Come watch me draw?


Okay!! Move-in day from hell is over. Since I was on call, it was technically two days, but it’s over now, I can have a beer and eat lots of pasta and get some sleep.

Under the cut is how it went because I feel like I need it cemented somewhere. It was a good day! Everyone got moved in alright and I’m still super excited about it, but it was endless. 

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Hiii I just wanted to apologize if I snapped at you when you came by my apt to remind about quiet hours. It had just been a long day (not as long as yours, jeez louise!), but I meant no offense and I know you were just doing what needed to be done. :) rest up and keep up the good work! I hope we have more classes together this semester!

"Run from me darling, run my good wife. Run from me darling… You better run for your life."

My friends and I have been hooked on Timber Timbre, so here’s a portrait of two of my friends being handsome, badass sociopaths.

Ink and digital


I officially have a shop open for my artwork!

You can access it either through that link, or by clicking the “Shop” link at the top of my blog!

I’m still adding lots of images (I’ve only just begun), but feel free to look at the prints that I have up so far! I’ll give an update when I add new prints to the shop. I just finished off my older image "Eve" to make it print ready, and it’s available now!

Thank you to everyone who has supported my art thus far, and I look forward to offering more prints for you to own! <3

Portrait of my friend Travis and his girlfriend. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink

A fond farewell picture for my friend Dylan Griffin, the awesome film critic and King of the Occult. Absolutely check out his reviews at these cool places:


Sound On Sight




Two posters in acrylic that I made for the short film I’m working on, Let Dreams Lie. They’re way too big for a scanner, and I’m not so pro at taking photos of artwork yet… but hey, I tried! The Frankenstein is inspired by Tamara de Lempicka and Lynd Ward, and The Great Gatsby one is inspired by Erte. I found a lot a lot a LOT of love for these artists, and you should love them too!

I don’t think I ever uploaded these, so here they are! Finals from last semester, both depicting memories from making movies in high school. The top image is from the first period piece I ever attempted with the good grace of a $1000 scholarship from my school, Pretty. Dead. You can watch the old trailer here. :) The bottom image is from my first “major” film I ever made in high school, called The Eye Thief. You can watch the full movie here, though I’m just warning you now that it’s kinda long and totally silent. ;)

Yes, it was so long ago that I hadn’t really figured out youtube yet. lol

Both images are ink and conte crayon.

Prop beer label I made for the film I’m working on, Let Dreams Lie.

Photoshop, about 2-3 hours.



"Let Dreams Lie" is a short film I’ll be Director of Photography on this summer! I’ve also been involved in the development and art department of this short. It’s going to be amazing and we would love to have you talented folks be a part of it! Any actors in the salt lake city region should absolutely come to our casting call!!! Here are the details:


  • Male & Female roles
  • Casting for Lead, Supporting, & Extras
  • Please bring a monologue, or we will supply one for you to cold read.

9:30 am to 11:30 am on TUESDAY, JULY 22ND!

Broadway Centre Cinemas, 111 E Broadway, Salt Lake City, Utah

Let Dreams Lie is a science-fiction short film set in a parallel world. Dr. Getzler, the world’s first renowned Oneirologist, has developed a recreational machine that allows a person to control their dreams. Maya and Weston, a young and happy couple, are recruited as beta testers; but their relationship is challenged as their dream lives become more enticing than reality.”

Directed by Alek Sabin & Kody Riekena

Filming begins this August.

The brain guy is completed!!! I am pleased with how it turned out.

Brain progress. Next is outlining, labeling, then glossy topcoat. And then to paint the head itself!