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A quick doodle to test out my new brushes! It’ll take some getting used to… but I’m really excited to sketch more digitally. :)

I really really really like taking pictures of the buildings out my window at sunset and sunrise.

Concept Illustration for an old high school friend of mine, Justus Page, over at BluAvenueFilms. They’re for a Prussian/Spaghetti Western/Steampunk/Post Apocalyptic Film that he wants to make. :)

Late night painting. Sleep is for the weeeeeeak.

Dogs dogs dogs

Adventure Time fan art! Even though he’s a total creep, I have a soft spot for Marceline’s Dad, Hunson Abadeer. Also, experimenting with some textures… hmm.

Ink and digital.

Two more sketchbook pages for Vis Tech homework. Building off the phrase “A Horse is not a home.” Dealing with ideas of modern nomadic people, as well as homes and lifestyles viewed as “impermanent”. I also have to use a variety of media together, so from left to right:

  • Trailer tree house. Acrylic paint, Ink, craft paper
  • Desert truck. Ink, conte crayon, acrylic paint

School has officially started here at PNCA! Here are the drawings I did on the first day of my drawing for illustration class, all in charcoal and conte crayon. Three of them are from an exercise where we had to use a “go go gadget arm”, i.e. our drawing implement taped on the end of a bamboo stick, forcing us to draw from a distance. From top to bottom, left to right:

  1. 20 mins
  2. 2 mins
  3. 5 mins
  4. 10 mins, Gadget arm
  5. 10 mins, Gadget arm
  6. 10 mins, Gadget arm
  7. 5 mins
  8. 2 mins
  9. 2 mins

My homework prompt. Now that I have the obvious stuff (kinda) out of my system, I can do the more interesting interpretations.


I didn’t go to bed because I did one of those random draw-a-thing things. It generated a random color palette and pose, and I did the rest. I did palette #21 and pose 8H. You can see the generator HERE. I may have to do it again. (I made some modifications to the color palette i.e. added colors.)

Photoshop. About 4.5 hours.

Self portrait that somehow turned into a weird statement about my connection (or severe lack there of) to my native american heritage.
It was just supposed to be a timber timbre reference… oh well? I don’t know how to feel about it now. I can’t unsee…

Ink and digital

Somebody appreciated my Frida Kahlo socks. :3 aw!

I’m going to be testing out drawing on a live stream! Come watch me draw?


Okay!! Move-in day from hell is over. Since I was on call, it was technically two days, but it’s over now, I can have a beer and eat lots of pasta and get some sleep.

Under the cut is how it went because I feel like I need it cemented somewhere. It was a good day! Everyone got moved in alright and I’m still super excited about it, but it was endless. 

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Hiii I just wanted to apologize if I snapped at you when you came by my apt to remind about quiet hours. It had just been a long day (not as long as yours, jeez louise!), but I meant no offense and I know you were just doing what needed to be done. :) rest up and keep up the good work! I hope we have more classes together this semester!